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“In Business by Design, I don’t teach any video stuff. So to bring video into this is the perfect complement. You need to be using video in your business.”

~James Wedmore

what exactly is "Business by Design"
and how can it help you?

Business By Design isn't a "Business" course like all the others you may have taken. It's a 6-module transformation process that will change you from an overwhelmed, overworked employee to a visionary Digital CEO.

what exactly is "business by design"
and how can it help you?

"james wedmore helped me create breakthroughs in my business!"

To apply everything you'll discover in BBD, you'll need 3 things: 

Quality Video Lessons 

Video Marketing

Confidence on Camera

Build your personal brand confidently with video!

Create quality video lessons quickly for your digital products

Market your irresistible offer with the best form of content—video! 

for your digital products!

Here's the good news...

when you enroll in Business by design today,

You get 12 BBD BONUSES all designed to help you have massive success as an online business owner with video.





mini course:






mini course:
confidence on camera!

Live workshop: Create your awesome online course!



live workshop: write your irresistible sales page video

($497 value)

($497 value)

($497 value)

($1997 value)

($997 value)



done for you: your video edited for you!

($1997 value)



mini course: reels that actually grow you biz!

($397 value)



mini course: coach like a pro on zoom!

($497 value)



swipe files: 
webinar slides and emails

($1297 value)



monthly group coaching calls

($1997 value)



worship series





($1497 value)

The number one road block that keeps wannabe course creators from actually doing it is not knowing how to create video lessons. I don’t want that to be you! Here’s a mini course so you can easily create your video lessons quickly. It’s no wonder that most of my students rave about how they were able to create their first online course!

It’s time to create your celebrity brand and position yourself as an authority! Why? Because it’ll not only boost your know, like, and trust factor…but you’ll also make sales much easier! (Take it from me and James!) This mini course shows you how to script a YouTube video, how to start a YouTube channel, how to optimize for SEO, and more! 

Let’s face it, most of us don’t like seeing ourselves on video. But do you know why? Because you just haven’t learned the RIGHT way to film yourself. Yuppers! I show you how to naturally look better on video than in real life. In this mini course, you’ll discover the filming basics to a quality video along with how to be captivating on video! Confidence on camera…here we come! 

There’s no stopping you now! We’re gonna make your dream of becoming a course creator come true! So for extra support, join our 2-day LIVE Workshop so that you can easily create your awesome online course quickly with me. (And, yes, you’ll have lifetime access to the replay!)

Woohoo! It’s time to make sales! In this LIVE workshop, we’re going to write your sales page video script together so that you shift your potential customers beliefs and show them the transformation that you’ll give them. Yes, please! (Of course, you’ll have lifetime access to the replay!)

What keeps most entrepreneurs from posting their first video? Editing! So…this ain’t gonna be an excuse for my BBD members! My team will gladly edit your sales page video OR a YouTube video for you. Let’s do this! (Please give us up to 4 weeks lead time and note that this offer expires after 8 months.)

Reels can be a waste of time…but they don’t have to be! After this mini course, you’ll be able to create Reels that actually grow your business and brand. Plus, you’ll have lots of fun doing it! 

Because most online biz owners use Zoom to coach their members…here ya go! A mini-course so that you “Wow” the pants off of your students and look like a pro!

Webinars are the easiest way to make money on demand. So make yours fast by grabbing my swipe files to my webinar slides! My webinars have converted at a whooping 20 percent for a high-priced offer! Now that you have your webinar…you also need to send emails that are messaged the RIGHT way so that your prospective customers show up and buy from you! So, you’ll get my swipe files to my invite emails, reminder emails, AND sales emails. (Say WHAAAT???)

For extra support, I’m offering a year’s worth of monthly group coaching calls with me! These will be over Zoom so we can see and talk to each other face to face. Ask me your questions, get personalized feedback from me, and become the Digital CEO you were meant to be! (They will be available after the BBD coaching calls from August 2022 to July 2023.)

Have a supportive Christian community where you’ll be able to join our virtual worships with incredible guest speakers and share your prayer requests before we pray together! In fact, one of our guest speakers will be YouTube star, Rita Onyx, who went from being a nurse to building a multi-million dollar empire on YouTube. (Amazing, right??)

Get a 1-on-1 Coaching Call with your Emmy Award winning friend over here when you pay in full for BBD! That’s right! A free 50-minute strategy session where you can ask me any of your questions to help get to where you want to be even faster. We’ll meet on Zoom so we can see and talk to each other face to face. Can’t wait to meet with you!

...Plus, you'll get access to James, the BBD course, and community!

What my students are saying...

It's time to become the Digital CEO you were meant to be...

so you can ultimately work less while you
make more money and make a bigger impact!

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so you can ultimately work less while you make more money and make a bigger impact!

I am an affiliate for BBD which means I get to give you these incredible bonuses! This also means that if you decide to purchase Business By Design through the links on this page, I get paid a commission. Keep in mind, I only promote products and people that I've invested in, trust, and have gotten awesome results from. James Wedmore is no exception.

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