for the go getters who want amazing results fast


for the go getters who want amazing results fast

Increase your income and impact with video

videos can be a pain to make and a waste of time...but it doesn't have to be.

Let me guess... You have a high-quality brand and you’re passionate about helping others through your business.

You also know that video is the best way to increase your income and impact in your business.

But, you’re not sure where and how to film yourself so that you don’t embarrass yourself with a low-quality video. You don’t know what types of videos to make or what to say. You don’t know how to get your videos seen by your ideal customer.

The bottom line: You don’t want to waste your time trying to make videos for your business that don’t make you money. 

Friend, it’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines when it comes to video and start making more money in your business.

Who is this for?

Like you’re on a hamster wheel of content creation that doesn't get you results? 

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To get outside of your comfort zone and unleash the potential that you and your business have?

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High-quality videos that are like your twin selling for you 24/7 and feel the freedom to actually relax?

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- Caroline Jacobs

"The best investment I've made."

The Lucrative Videos 1:1 Coaching Program

A 60-day private coaching program designed to help you make more sales and build your authority quickly by leveraging my proven MAP method for videos.

You’ll learn how to make pre-recorded videos that are high-quality, evergreen, and strategic so that each video is seen by your ideal client for years to come as you increase your income and impact. 

I'm an Emmy Award winner who has helped businesses triple their revenue with video.


Caroline Jacobs says...

The BEST investment I've ever made. Now I'm making quality videos for my membership group, I'm turning up on social media all the time with videos which has increased my reach, my popularity and engagement. Most importantly, Patricia has given me the confidence to script, film, and edit my first digital product—a video series for my Mums of Growing Up Sons followers.

Elizabeth Peterson says...

The videos I started to create after taking The MAP to Lucrative Videos have helped me immensely to promote my work, build my authority in my niche and make sales for my own course. And now I can make videos really quickly. All you need is the desire to create a video that's going to be an asset for your business. If that's what you want, then Patricia is the way to go.

Founder of theInspired Classroom

Founder of Mums of Growing Up Sons

Your MAP to Lucrative Videos

step one

This is the foundation to getting amazing results with your video! I help you form your strategy and messaging so your videos quickly boost your know, like, and trust factor and convert your viewers into customers.


step two

You'll be able to create high-quality videos that match your high-quality brand. It's here where I show you in a simple way how to film and edit like a pro so you have a celebrity-like personal brand. 


step three

Now that you have an awesome video, it's time to get your ideal client to watch it!  I dish out all my secrets so the RIGHT person watches your video and you make more sales! (Hello to more money!)


What's included

Your special treatment so you accelerate your success!

1:1 Coaching calls

You'll get three private coaching calls that are 50-minutes each via Zoom. I'll help you accomplish your goals by listening to what you’d like to achieve. I then give you the steps so you get there faster as well as answer any of your questions. 

Personalized feedback

Share your work with me (e.g. scripts, videos, etc.), and I’ll give you feedback on what works and ways to improve it so you have quality videos that up-level your brand quickly. 

online course

You'll get lifetime access to my signature course, The MAP to Lucrative Videos. Filled with 60+ video lessons, this will be the perfect resource for you as you up-level your business and brand with video.

monthly group coaching

You also get lifetime access to the monthly group coaching calls with the other amazing entrepreneurs in The MAP to Lucrative Videos. These are held via Zoom so we can see each other face to face.

edited lucrative video

The Lucrative Videos team will edit a video for you! And, not just any video, but one that’s done for you by an experienced team with your Emmy Award winning friend over here (who has helped businesses double and triple their revenue.) You won't want to miss this "done for you" service!

lucrative webinars

This incredible program walks you through everything you need to know about how to make money with a Live Training while helping your ideal customers. This includes step-by-step video lessons, templates and swipe files so you can have a successful launch in half the time! 

3 coaching calls that are 50-minutes via Zoom

Personalized feedback on your work so you do it right

Lifetime access to The MAP to Lucrative Videos

Lifetime access to Lucrative Webinars

1 Edited Lucrative Video

Lifetime access to monthly group coaching calls 

1-on-1 Coaching

a 60-day program that includes:


Signature Package

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get ready for massive results.

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- Christin O'Bryan

"If you are on the fence, I'd encourage you to make the commitment! Patricia's teaching is clear and encouraging. This is the place to grow your business with video."