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Have questions about growing your business with video? You've got it! This call is tailored just for you so I can help you reach your specific goals.

Topics that I've helped others with include: 

• How to create a film set in their house
• How to start their YouTube channel
• Strategic video content for their business
• How to use their fancy camera and lights
• How to make video lessons for their course
• How to grow their email list with video
• What to say in their videos
• How to increase sales with video
• And much more!

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Elizabeth Peterson


Founder of The Inspired Classroom

Ciara Gilmore

patricia has really helped me elevate and transform my business.

Abstract Artist

She was so generous with her information and time. I would not be here, and I would not have achieved the success that I have had with my online course if I did not have Patricia in my corner.

The videos I started to create have helped me immensely to promote my work, build my authority in my niche and make sales for my own course.

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I want you to get lasting results! I'll prep before our call so we can use this time together wisely. You'll also get a link to the replay so that you can review it. 

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