The MAP to Lucrative Videos

A step-by-step course to attract your ideal client, get more leads, and make more sales by leveraging video in your business.


Increase your income and impact with video

videos can be a pain to make and a waste of time...but it doesn't have to be.

Let me guess... You have a high-quality brand and you’re passionate about helping others through your business.

You also know that video is the best way to increase your income and impact in your business.

But, you’re not sure where and how to film yourself so that you don’t embarrass yourself with a low-quality video. You don’t know what types of videos to make or what to say. You don’t know how to get your videos seen by your ideal customer.

The bottom line: You don’t want to waste your time trying to make videos for your business that don’t make you money. 

Friend, it’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines when it comes to video and start making more money in your business.

Who is this for?

Like you’re on a hamster wheel of content creation that doesn't get you results? 

do you feel...

To end 2020 feeling empowered
and be the "future self" you've been dreaming of?

are you ready...

High-quality videos that are like your twin selling for you 24/7 and feel the freedom to actually relax?

do you want...

Source: MultivisionDigital

A video has a lifespan of 4 years! A facebook post? Only 3 hours.

64 percent of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy.

Forbes states, "Most of con-tent marketing will be video. Businesses must evolve with the time or die out."

Here's what you might not know

Source: Aberdeen research

Businesses that use video grow revenue 49 percent faster.  

Source: Hubspot

Source: Forbes Magazine

Forbes states, Most of con-tent marketing will be video. Businesses must evolve with the times or die out."

64 percent of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy.

- Dana Malstaff

Video has been a key part to the fast growth of the Boss Mom brand. I love how video allows me to build authority, nurture my community, show my personality and convert leads in a quick timeframe.

If you're not using video, you're leaving money on the table.

founder of boss mom

You're making thousands of dollars more each month because of your videos.

This could be you...

You wake up to more people on your email list from a video you made a year ago.

You look stunning on video and you aren't even wearing more makeup than usual.

You're getting asked to be a guest on podcasts and speak at conferences.

Ultimately, if you...

Want to feel confident in front of and behind the camera

Want to be proud of your online presence

Want to win more customers from a video you made once

Want to make a professional video in a cinch!

Want to boost your know, like, and trust factor quickly

Want your business to grow faster AND have more time to spend with those you love

I'm an Emmy Award winner who has helped businesses triple their revenue with video.

Then you're in the right place.

Every day you wait to use video,

you're losing customers to your competitors.

I don't want that to happen to you!


The MAP to Lucrative Videos

Never feel lost with the whole video thing again.

This has everything you need to grow your business with video.

An online course of my proven MAP framework that walks you through the 3 parts to Lucrative Videos:

1. Messaging
2. Artistry
3. Promotion

The MAP to Lucrative Videos

Your MAP to Lucrative Videos

step one

This is the foundation to getting amazing results with your video! I help you form your strategy and messaging so your videos quickly boost your know, like, and trust factor and convert your viewers into customers.


step two

You'll be able to create high-quality videos that match your high-quality brand. It's here where I show you in a simple way how to film and edit like a pro so you have a celebrity-like personal brand. 


step three

Now that you have a Lucrative Video, it's time to get your ideal client to watch it!  I dish out all my secrets so the RIGHT person watches your video and you make more sales! (Hello to more money!)


- Priscilla Tall

Patricia not only gave me the confidence to get on camera, but since adding video to my homepage alone, I already made thousands of dollars more within the first month.

owner of Cherry Valley Family Dental

Have a strategy that gets you amazing results

Quickly connect with your ideal customer

Film yourself and your products beautifully

Edit awesome videos in half the time

Turn your viewer into a raving customer

Make more money and make a bigger impact

In The MAP to
Lucrative Videos,

You'll be able to:

How to create a video marketing strategy that gets you bragging rights.

My proven Video Marketing Plan template

How to quickly nail down your messaging so you write your scripts in a fraction of the time.

Transformational words in the Lucrative Vocabulary List to jumpstart your messaging.

How to form your plan so you reach your goals FAST

Module 1

If you've ever made a video and it didn't get you anywhere, this is what was missing. Here's my proven plan that gets ALL my clients results.

How to give your ideal customer quick wins with How-to Videos that keep them coming back for more.

How to create videos on your website that boosts your know, like and trust factor and increases your email list.

How to get your ideal customer to buy from you with a Video Sales Letter.

And examples and templates so you can get this done before you grab your second cup of coffee!

How to dramatically boost your know, like and trust factor

Module 2

So you know you should be on video, but don't know what in the world to say? Never wonder again. Here are examples and templates to turn your viewers into customers. Oh, did I mention they'll be telling their friends about you? Well, that too!

How to make a Beauty Shot Promo Video that'll have your viewers fall in love your product

Get the attention on social media with a jaw dropping Stop Motion Video. Oh, and of course, increase your email click rate, too!

Immerse your website visitor with your business theme and leave them wanting to experience your brand with a Website Banner Video. (You can also turn this into your Facebook cover video, too!

How to beautify your products to increase sales

Module 3

Get my Hollywood filming hacks we use to create Emmy Award winning films. Yup! These unveiled secrets are on a budget that you can do right on your phone! (Or, if you want, on your fancy camera, too!)

How to creatively share your customers' transformations without even setting up a camera.

How to ask the right questions so you authentically get the answer you want.

The most important questions to ask. Just download it the list and ask away!


Module 4

Here's the secret sauce to getting your customers to authentically say the right thing! Cause there's nothing like some good ole' social proof to convince your future customers how awesome you are!

Why you need to get motivated to go live.

Not sure what to say on video? Here's a list of ideas to get you going!

Afraid you're gonna freeze up or look lame? Here are tips so you look like a pro!

how to boost your social engagement with video

Module 5

Reap the benefits of video on Instagram and Facebook to expand your reach, increase your engagement, and boost your popularity among your target market!

Whether you're using an Android, iPhone, or DSLR (aka fancy camera), I've got you covered!

How to deliver your script smoothly on camera and have fun doing it, too!

Not sure where to film in your "not-so-Pinterest-worthy" home? No worries! I've got you covered!

Creating an online course? High-five! Here's how to create quality video lessons!

How to film
like a pro

Module 6

No more low-quality videos here! This is all about showing off your high-quality brand with high-quality videos! Worried about the tech? We've got you covered with the simple steps so you look hands-down AH-mazing on video! 

Whether you're editing on an Android, iPhone, Mac or PC...I've got you covered!

Get my secret formula so you edit in half the time. (They don't call me the Queen of Editing for no reason!)

How to emotionally engage your viewers' heart and get them reaching for their wallet.

how to edit your videos fast and in a way that moves your viewer into action

Module 7

This is where the magic happens, and I'm gonna dish out all my secrets! Get the treasure chest of tools, strategies, and best practices we use to create Emmy Award winning films.

The must-have places to publish your videos and how to do it!

How to optimize your video so your ideal customer sees it

How to boost your views from ideal clients with my video sharing tactics

Get more results with your video with my repurposing guide

Increase your email click through rates with these easy peasy tactics

how to get your ideal customer to watch your video

Module 8

So you have a high-quality video that's messaged to your ideal customer just needs to see it. Like a lifeguard on that Maui beach, I've got your back so you have raving customers!

next module overview

Inside the program...

Plus, you'll get these Bonuses!

the gifts to help you truly succeed!

live monthly

You'll get monthly Group Coaching Calls with me via Zoom where you can ask me your questions, get feedback, and more, to help you succeed.

top 10 tips for more views on youtube

We have THE Rita Onyx giving us all the juicy details on how to do that! Did I mention she has MILLIONS of subscribers?! 

The exclusive Facebook

You'll have exclusive access to our Facebook Group where we support each other in this awesome community!

the ultimate video accessories guide

 My go-to accessories to make quality videos! From microphones, lighting, cameras, and more, this will will have you covered whether you're on a budget or not.

how to use video
during a crisis

My bonus lesson so that you can still leverage video during a time of crisis. This includes my email swipe file that's already making students money!

The resource

No need to waste time researching all the trusted resources out there like music, stock video, apps, and more. We've done it for you!

you have the expertise. Now let's get you on video.

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"the best investment i've ever made."

Before I took Patricia's course, I wasn't happy with the quality of videos I was making. And really, I used that as an excuse to avoid doing videos. 

Now I'm making quality videos for my membership group. I'm also turning up on social media all the time with videos which has increased my reach, my popularity and engagement. Most importantly, doing Patricia's course has given me the confidence to script, film, and edit my first digital product—a video series for my Mums of Growing Up Sons followers.

Caroline Jacobs

Adolescent wellbeing coach and Founder of mums of growing up sons

"the videos i created after taking the course have helped
me immensely!"

Since taking this course, I've created videos for my online course, my website and social media. I've also started my own YouTube channel and have been able to provide so much value to my audience in a professional manner. 

The videos I started to create after taking The MAP to Lucrative Videos have helped me immensely to promote my work, build my authority in my niche and make sales for my own course.

Elizabeth Peterson

Founder of The inspired classroom

"Patricia has given me the courage to step outside of my comfort zone."

Wow. This course, along with Patricia’s coaching, has given me the courage to step outside of my comfort zone. Video is something I’ve wanted to get into and have been asked to do. I was hiding behind cute Instagram pictures when really THIS is what my clients need. I’ll be honest my first upload to YouTube made me want to throw up. As I sat there looking... waiting... I was about to cancel it. But knowing I had the accountability and support, I walked away and let the upload finish. I felt relieved, proud and empowered. 

Jina George

registered dietician and weight loss coach

"Patricia took me from feeling really nervous to really confident."

Prior to taking the course, I didn't know where to start with making videos. I was feeling overwhelmed. Now after taking this course, I'm on video! I'm also working as a virtual organizer and feel a lot more confident that I can deliver a professional message via video. Patricia took me from feeling really nervous to feeling really confident. 

Vivien Lee-Mayhue

professional organizer | konmari consultant

teaching style is the best I've seen."

Patricia and her teaching style is the best I have seen. One of the things I really like about the way she teaches us is that it is truly and I mean truly so easy to follow—between her words and examples—I just get it the first time through. Her extremely pleasant, happy and cheery demeanor is such a breath of fresh air and she is very easy to learn from.  

Peggy Solomon

Creator of Live Life Less Toxic

"It feels like you're just learning from one of your best friends!"

Before...I had no idea where to start with video. I was worried about making videos that were unprofessional. Without taking Patricia’s course I would have wasted so much time trying to figure out all of the details that she packages together so well in this course.

If you are nervous or struggling with video, I would highly recommend Patricia’s course as it takes all the overwhelm away and helps you create great professional content for your business!

Charlotte Singh

Blogger at Pretty Mindful Mama Life

They did it and so can you!

Watch their stories...

All of this is valued at over $4,500...

The MAP includes...

More than 45 step-by-step video lessons so you can create Lucrative Videos

Proven templates to cut your time in half

The Ultimate Video Accessories Guide so you don't have to waste time researching

Live Monthly Coaching to help you truly  succeed

Video Lesson by multi-millionaire YouTuber so you get more views on your authority platform

Exclusive access to the supportive Facebook Community



To support your success

For extra support as you create

Personalized group coaching via Zoom

45+ online training videos

best value

one payment



to support your success

For extra support as you create

Personalized group coaching via Zoom

45+ online training videos

most flexible

four monthly payments



to support your success

For extra support as you create

Personalized group coaching via Zoom

45+ online training videos


one payment

To give you a personalized plan to level-up your business with video

So you do it right the first time

To set you up with continued massive success

- Christin O'Bryan

"If you are on the fence, I'd encourage you to make the commitment! Patricia's teaching is clear and encouraging. This is the place to grow your business with video."

owner and designer of
tarva design studio

Common Qs and As:

i have a question...

Is there a money back guarantee?

Sure is! If you're not happy with the course, there's a 14-day money back guarantee. Just demonstrate that you have attempted to implement the program without success. (Although, I'm confident you'll love it and get amazing results!)


Yes! Once you enroll, an email will be sent to you immediately where you can login to the course. (If you don't see it, check your spam folder.) 
Once inside the course, you'll have access to ALL the modules, 45+ lessons and the bonuses.

Do i need to spend a lot of money on camera gear?

Nope! As long as you have a phone that takes video, you can get some budget-friendly accessories for around $100 in total. This will help you make a quality video! 

Do i get lifetime access to the course?

Yes! You will have lifetime access to the course and will get all the updates every time!

I'm pretty busy. What if I don't have time for it?

Here’s the thing, this course ultimately sets you up to actually have MORE time. How? Because the RIGHT videos are like your twin selling for you 24/7, on demand.

i have a question, but don't see it listed.

Feel free to DM me on Instagram @patriciakelikani or email and I'll make sure to answer you asap! 

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get ready for massive results.

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