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Video Buyers Guide

Here are links to my budget-friendly video accessories!

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This one by Pixel is my go-to ring light. It's big at 19-inches which means it's super flattering on your face. Plus, it has two color temperatures, a dimmer, and a remote!

The Movo LV-1 is a fantastic budget-friendly option for your phone or computer! At $13, you really can't find a better deal.

My favorite budget-friendly light kit!  They're super soft which means you'll look hands-down amazing! I use these All. The. Time.

If you have an iPhone 8 to an iPhone 14, you'll need this adapter to plug in the microphone to your phone.

This is only about $35! I'm a fan of the height (it gets up to 5 feet), how it's super light (only 3 lbs), and you can make sure your camera is level!

Just screw this baby onto the tripod and you're now hands free to get a stable shot of yourself or your products! 

This is my new favorite microphone to use with my phone! It sounds great, is easy to connect, and there are no cables so you can walk and move around as much as you want!

No more "up the nose" angles here! This laptop stand is perfect for your video presentations and Zoom calls so that you can adjust your framing just right!

Yup! They make my favorite wireless microphone for Androids, Samsung, and Google phones, too! You really can't go wrong with this microphone. 

This light works so well for your video calls! Abolutely love it! It's dimmable, has a remote, and you'll look great! Just connect it to your computer via USB, and you're good to go!

Don't want to spend $250 on AirPods? Get this for about $30! It works great for your phone AND your computer for your video calls. 

This is the gooseneck phone holder I have. I've made fun stop motion videos with it, recorded videos with it, etc. Love this thing!

I love this small light! I use it as a hair light or to use with one of my main lights. If you want to travel with a small light, this one is great, too!

THIS is the phone gimbal I recommend. It's small, easy to use, and works great! The app it comes with even has a "beauty" filter. 

Whenever I set up my video gear, I ALWAYS listen to my favorite tunes by saying, "Alexa, play my video prep play list!" Plus, it has a ton of other features to simplify life. 

If you're ready to up your video game, I recommend this camera! It can auto focus on your eyes while making the background blurry, films in 4K, and has a flip screen so you can see yourself. This camera is easy to use, too!

This lightweight, yet powerful laptop will let you edit your videos on the go! Not to mention, you can also film your lives, meet on Zoom, and so much more with this. 

This phone is what I use for all my social videos (and family videos!) The cinematic mode is amazing. By tapping what you want in focus, it makes everything else blurry. Plus, in that setting it films super smooth like it's on a gimbal. 

Ever wish you had an "undo" button with pens? Now you do! These colored pens are erasable! I use these for note taking, my goal planner and pretty much everything!

If you wanna spice up your video background, this is the tree that I have in the background of some of my videos. You never have to water it and it'll never die cause it's artificial!

Get a brighter smile in your videos with this amazing teeth whitening kit! My sister (who's a dentist) gave these to me. Just 15 minutes later, you'll have a whiter smile. Love this!