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Lucrative Videos


Tricks to having confidence on camera

So your ideal client connects with you quickly!

When we’re first starting out with the whole video thing, it can be super scary to be in front of the video camera! Why? Because at first the camera looks like a scary monster! Which means…we look like a deer in headlights. 😳 In fact, I’ve heard it said that it’s even more uncomfortable than seeing an ex-boyfriend…with their hot new wife…and perfect looking baby.

But, you know what? With my CRUISE technique, that camera can transform from a monster (or a bad ex-boyfriend) to our BEST friend!

That way, you can say "Hello!" to confidence on camera! AND, your ideal client watching you on video will connect with you so much faster! (Yasss to boosting your know, like and trust factor!)

C is for Cheerleader.

Pretend that the camera is your friend. And not just any friend, but your friend who’s your biggest cheerleader. The one who’s encouraging you with their big smile and filling you up with loads of confidence. If it helps, you can even put a picture of them by your camera.

U is for Unmask

Be your authentic self on camera! What helps is to pretend that you’re making the video for your best friends. You know, the ones that you can totally be yourself with and you always have a great time with. This will help you be yourself on camera. And we all know the saying, people do business with those they know, like and trust. So be you! Because you don’t brand yourself, you are yourself! But don’t forget about “I”…


I is for Ignite.

Be passionate about what you’re talking about. So ignite that excitement and energy within. Most likely you’re talking about your business product or service that you love! So let that positive energy come across. Because here’s the thing…the camera has this invisible power that makes us look like we’re completely unenergetic, so we actually need to be even more energetic.

And, think about what you want your viewers to feel about your product, and reflect that. Do you want them to feel happy? Then be happy yourself. Do you want them to feel like you are going to solve their problem? Then be passionate and confident. You’ve got this!

So one thing that helps me get energized and ramped up to be on video…other than my vanilla latte with half of the pumps of syrup from Starbucks…is listening to music while I set up for the shoot. In fact, I made a playlist, called “video prep” that I listen to every time I set up for a shoot. What songs are gonna be on your play list? Comment below and let me know! I’m always looking for new songs.


S is for Stylize

We all have that certain thing that makes us feel more confident. Maybe it’s curling your hair, wearing your favorite lipstick, getting a hair cut, wearing new socks…whatever it is, go ahead and do it if you need that boost of confidence on camera! I’ve heard people say things like, in order to be true to yourself on video, you shouldn’t do anything special. And you know what I say to that? Whatever.

Because the fact is, you can still be your authentic self whether you’re having a good hair day or bad hair day! So do whatever makes you feel good! That positive energy will be reflected onto your viewers. I personally like to curl my hair…cause it gives me an extra bounce of energy on and off the camera. I don’t know why, but it does.

You also want to remember to straighten out your clothes and make sure they aren’t bunched up in weird places. To learn what to wear on camera so you look your best, check out this video right here. Did you know you are a certain color season? Yup, so go ahead and take a look at that video, after this one.


E is for Embrace.

Embrace who YOU are. And, I get it, it’s weird to see yourself on video at first. But the more you do it the more you’ll get used to it! Another thing is that most people don’t like the sound of their own voice on video. I don’t…I wish my voice sounded like Demi Moore. But instead I have this high-pitched soprano voice that even in the lowest pitch I humanly have possible…the elderly still cannot understand me!

Back in college, my broadcast journalism professor told me I needed to practice speaking in a lower tone if I wanted to be on the news…and she added in there because “God blessed you with a soprano voice.” And, you know what the key word is there? Blessed. I remember that I’m blessed with this voice, and you know what, YOU are, too. You are blessed with the voice you have. So use it and make a big impact in this world with video.

There’s my CRUISE method so you look amazing and shine with confidence on camera!

Make sure to get your hands on my FREE guide and training video where I show you how to film yourself professionally on a phone. Discover how to naturally look better on video than in real life. No joke! And, boost your know, like, and trust factor with this guide. Trust me, you’re gonna love seeing yourself on video!