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Email Marketing for Beginners

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When you combine email marketing and video, it really is like the power couple in your business. (It’s like Super Man and Wonder Woman got married. lol)

Why? When you combine the two, it’s the easiest and fastest way to make money in your online business.

So…this blog is all about email marketing for beginners so that you can make more sales!

Watch the video below!

When it comes to email marketing for beginners, let's first talk about why email marketing is a must-have for online business owners...

The Benefits of Email Marketing


It lets you connect with your ideal customer. After I send out an email, for example, so many times I'll get a reply that says, “Wow, you know exactly how I feel. Thank you so much for your encouragement.” Or sometimes it's “You feel like you're my best friend."

And so you're able to build your know, like, and trust factor with your ideal customers, which is really the foundation to increasing your income and impact through your business.


You're able to nurture your ideal customers through your emails, and of course your videos, by encouraging them, and giving them “how-to” tutorials so they can get quick wins. And that way, they trust you, they want to come back for more because they're already getting some results.

At the same time, you nurture them by sharing about yourself and building your clout and trust up. So that way, when it comes to presenting an offer to them, they're ready to buy and learn from you even more.


And to explain this process, I'm going to have my good friend and business mentor, James Wedmore, explain his TLC method when it comes to this. 

And by the way, James Wedmore has taught me so much. He's helped me triple my revenue goals. He's amazing. So yes, this is good stuff. 

Watch the video of James below:

If you don't watch the video above, this is what James says:

James Wedmore : This is what I've been calling for years the TLC method. Every online business needs a little TLC and yes, in one sense, I do mean tender, loving care.

You need some tender, loving care always. We can use some tender, loving care, but what I also mean is traffic, leads and conversions or customers. T L C. Now what we're going to do is just break that down for you. It's pretty self-explanatory but there's some really important components that we have to look at.

First of all, this is a sequence, which means every business needs a strategy for generating traffic, leads and customers. If your business isn't where you'd like it to be chances are you're missing one of these, two of these, or maybe all three, right? So we need a strategy for each, but it goes in this order.

And we begin again with the end in mind, which means in order to attract happy customers that are paying you money, they come first from being a lead or a prospect. So this is somebody who's kind of like,  I'm curious and I'd like to learn, I'd like to learn more right? And then it comes from someone that's kind of just in the problem. And they're like, oh, I have a problem. Can someone help me?  So we need a way to get traffic from people that are struggling with the problem that we solve. And then, from that traffic, we have the opportunity to get a lead.

And then from that lead, we nurture that lead and then those people become our happy customer. 


Okay. So, wasn't that great? I love how James is such a great teacher. He just makes things so easy to understand and implement. And what's so awesome is that right now you can get his Mini Course that walks you through how to get Your First 100 Leads for FREE. (This mini course is normally $197!)

And to be honest, even if you have thousands of email subscribers, like I do, you're going to find so much value in this mini course. Like at first I thought. Uh.. I already have like, you know, a few thousand email subscribers. I don't think I need to take this, but then I did. And I was like,  I should have taken this like a long time ago! I learned so much. 

In this mini course, you'll learn how to create your first lead magnet, what it should be about, how to make sales after you have your leads... It's amazing and highly recommend it! Make sure to grab his FREE Mini Course.


Benefit number four to email marketing is that it saves you a ton of time because you can automate your emails. So when someone comes into your email list, for example, and they download your lead magnet, you can set up emails that they'll automatically get on day one and day three, for example. And so in the background, your business is working for you in such a powerful way.


You own your email list. It's not like social media where if, for example, Instagram or Facebook decides that maybe you did something you shouldn't have, they'll deactivate your account. Not that it happens very often, but it has happened to people and then you lose, oh my goodness all of your followers, which is awful. But in this case, you own it. This is your email list.


There's no algorithm determining how many people will see your email. So all you have to focus on is writing a great subject line (so that way people will open your email) and then creating great content!


Your lead magnet

Having a lead magnet is how you build your email list, especially when it comes to email marketing for beginners. A lead magnet is basically a freebie where you give your ideal customer valuable information. This could be a mini course like James Wedmore's. It could be a free training video. It could be a checklist or a guide—something that will give them a quick win. But when it comes to your lead magnet, avoid the number one mistake that online business owners make. I'm popping in James once again, to explain this to you.


If you don't watch the video above, this is what James says:

James Wedmore :  I'm going to quickly go over the number one mistake that I see when people are trying to build their list, attract qualified leads that they can convert into customers.

This is a biggie, and we're going to address this one really quickly and then show you how you too can avoid this. So what's mistake number one? Well, when it comes to someone creating like a lead magnet or a freebie or whatever name or term, we want to give it. In other words, it's like a gift that you give someone in exchange for an email address or contact information, right? That's what most people are doing in order to build their audience and build their lists. What's the biggest mistake? Well, for most people in most industries today, there is a belief or a perspective or a concern that freebie means low value and it means sales pitch. And that's because that's what most people are doing.

They’re looking at their freebie as something that really doesn't have any value. It's really just like fluff. Um, and it's like one big sales pitch, right? Maybe it is higher value or it's got more content, but it's really just a sales pitch. And the thing is, in 2020 and beyond, you have to start realizing that your audience is smart.

This is the biggest one, like this is huge. That's the sentiment of most people. When you're trying to build your list of your audience, most people that are saying, hey, this thing's for free? Then it's garbage. People don't value free to begin with. Again, I'm going to show you how to address all of this.

They don't value free to begin with, but the truth is most people, when they put free stuff out there, it is garbage. It is low value, or it is just a sales pitch. And if you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, if you want to be become a leader in the marketplace, guess what? You're going to have to do different than everyone else.


So, yes! Make sure your lead magnet isn't low quality. You want to give them valuable information that will give them a quick win, because then they'll be back for more. You'll be their go-to person in your industry. 

And remember to think about the end in mind. Ask yourself, "What does my product help people get to?"

For example, my online course, The MAP to Lucrative Videos, helps entrepreneurs increase their income and impact with video without having to work a lot.

Then once you know exactly what your product helps people get to then ask yourself, "What is the first step they need to do in order to get to where they want to be?"

So for me, an example is that most people don't like to see themselves on video. So my lead magnet helps people look amazing on video. It's a free training video where I walk them through step by step, how to film themselves from their phone so they look amazing.

And so once your ideal customer can see that quick win, they realize, "I think I can do this! (So make sure and grab my free training video.)

Okay and one little hot tip here when it comes to your lead magnet, I highly recommend that you add a video of yourself teaching the information or demonstrating it. Because when people can see you on video and this is their first introduction of how you can help them, holy cow, it boosts your know, like, and trust factor so much faster! So make sure and add a video to your lead magnet as extra support.


Email Platforms

When it comes to email marketing for beginners, I have three suggestions when it comes to what platforms to use to have your email list on. My first suggestion is Kajabi. If you are going to or have an online course, this is fantastic because it is an all-in-one platform for your email list, your website, and your online course. It's so great! It just simplifies the whole process.

You can 30 days of Kajabi for free by clicking here.

Another option is Flodesk. If you're just starting out with your email list and you want a simple system, Flodesk is great! They have beautiful templates and it's really simple to use. It's also budget friendly!

Grab Flodesk here and get 50% off your first year!

My third recommendation is ConvertKit.  Convertkit is great is you're ready for that next step. You have more complex things that you can do in ConvertKit, as far as your sequences, automations, tagging and all of that stuff.

You can start using ConvertKit for FREE by clicking here.

There you go! Email marketing to grow your business. Such a powerful tool, especially when coupled with video. So make sure and download the free mini course, "Your First 100 Leads. Even if you have thousands of subscribers on your email list, I highly recommend it. You're going to get so much value from this and get more higher quality leads. It's normally $197, but James is offering it for FREE right now.

And of course, don't forget to also grab my free training video, where I walk you through how to film yourself professionally on a phone so you look hands down amazing! 

Have a wonderful day!


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I’m Patricia Kelikani—video coach for entrepreneurs. I’m here to help you make more money while having more free time with the power of video.

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