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I’m Patricia Kelikani—video coach for entrepreneurs. I’m here to help you make more money while having more free time with the power of video.

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Business by Design

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Yay! James Wedmore's course, Business By Design, is about to open up! (June 12, 2023, to be exact!) Discover how it can help you, read an honest review, and learn how to get $11,000 worth of bonuses for FREE?! Click to watch the video below!

Watch the video below!

Who is James Wedmore?


First, who in the world is James Wedmore? I call him the Yoda of the online business world. James was a bartender in his younger years. Then he created an online course for bartenders. After that he got popular on YouTube and started helping businesses grow with YouTube. And now he generates 8 figures a year helping online business owners scale with digital products. 

This guy knows his stuff. He’s been there, done that, and teaches others how to massively succeed. (He’s also funny and down to earth!)

What is Business By Design?

Okay so first off, what is Business by Design? Well, Business by Design is an online course for online business owners and it truly is a transformational course. It takes you from feeling like an overwhelmed and overworked employee in your own business and transforms you into a visionary digital CEO.


Who is Business by Design for?

It's for online business owners who either have or want to have digital products. Examples of digital products are an online course, a membership program, a group coaching program or a one-on-one coaching program.


Learn from James!

James is having a FREE 3-part Live Training series that starts on June 1, 2023. (And, yes, you can watch the replays until June 15, 2023!)

During this virtual experience, you’ll learn how to transform your knowledge, expertise & passion into online courses, digital products, memberships, and more using the ONLY model James used to build 3 multi-million dollar businesses.

Psssst: this is the exact same model I’ve used to make 6 figures while working 2-3 days a week. So yup! It definitely works!

If you’re ready to create an efficient business machine that allows you to reach more people, make more income, have more freedom, and create a bigger impact — without the hustle + burnout lifestyle — grab your pen and paper (or laptop!) because you’ll want to be taking LOTS of notes.


What has Business By Design done for me?

I enrolled in BBD in the summer of 2020. And, I will tell you it has created breakthroughs in my business. Meaning, I’ve been able to accomplish things that I didn’t necessarily think I would be able to accomplish. (Which is crazy cool!)


Watch the video below

to see my transformational story of how Business by Design has helped me!

Let me give you an example. James teaches in Business by Design that every 90 days you create a new business goal.

So for my first goal, I made a revenue goal and to be honest with you this was a pretty high revenue goal for me. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to make it. But I wrote it down, it was out there...and what’s crazy is that at the end of the three months I not only met my revenue goal but I surpassed it by 40 percent! Holy was amazing!

Fast forward to a year later, and that quarterly revenue goal I had is what I now make in a month! (In fact, in 2022 I doubled my annual sales revenue thanks to Business By Design!)


I surpassed my first revenue goal by $10,000!

Not only did it make me realize what I'm capable of, but I think what’s really cool is that it helped my husband realize that my online business is legit. Because if you’re like me, my business originally started with client work. I create custom client videos and help them make more money with video.

When I get a new client project, I know exactly how much I’m gonna get paid before I even start the project. Unlike launching an online course, when you’re first starting out, you don’t really know how much money you’re gonna make. It’s a little scary that you’re doing all this work but you don’t really know what the payoff is going to be. So not only did I kind of question whether my online business was worth starting out but, of course, my husband did, too.

But what's so cool...

Soon after I took Business by Design, I had a couple of live trainings one day. And in those live trainings I presented an offer for my online course The MAP to Lucrative Videos. After I clicked "end" on those live trainings, my husband came into my office and I checked my phone. I remember just seeing the emails that read, “Congratulations you have a new student!" And I was just like, "What!?!" And my husband was like, "Yeah!!" And he gave me this huge bear hug. It was such an amazing moment. (I’m getting teary eyed right now...but it was so awesome!)

Screw this and actually make your life and biz better!

It helped me with my mindset and money blocks

The other thing that Business by Design helped me with was my mindset and my money blocks. In the course, there’s a bonus called Mind Your Money. It’s 31 days of audio recordings from James that helps you work through your money blocks. That was super helpful for me.


I was able to create the life that I want

Another way that Business by Design has helped me is that it’s helped me design my business in a way that will create the life that I want.

Let me give you an example. I love the outdoors. I also love having fun with my family and for a while now I’ve really wanted an RV. Oh my goodness, to be able to go on road trips and camping trips just sounded so much fun! And, sure, we could tent it, but to be honest at my age I’m kind of over tenting it. I would prefer a bed and a shower while being in the outdoors. LOL.

What's so awesome is that by scaling my business and by surpassing my revenue goals that Business by Design has helped me husband and I got an RV!! I'm over the moon excited about it! (We've since gone on several trips including checking some things off of my bucket list like Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore!)

Business by Design has helped me live the life that I've been dreaming about for my family! (Yup! That's my husband and me at Zion National Park with our new RV!)
Business by Design has helped me live the life that I've been dreaming about for my family! (Yup! That's my husband and me at Zion National Park with our new RV!)

It's truly so exciting! When you imagine something that you want and you dream about it and then whoa it’s here! We have an RV and we are living the life that I wanted for us?! That's just amazing. I mean, no it’s not like we bought some crazy expensive motor coach, but we’re still living the life that I imagined and that to me is’s a breakthrough.

That is a huge way that Business by Design has helped me with: to be able to design my business in a way that matches the life that I want and for me to be able to actually live and have that life. That’s just mind blowing....

Got to check Mount Rushmore off of my bucket list!

I now have a team for my business!

I know I’m going on and on here about how Business by Design has helped me, but I have one other big thing that it's helped me with—creating a team! For a long time I was the only one working in my online business. That was a problem. I wasn’t able to reach my full potential. I wasn’t being consistent. If I was busy with client work then I lacked over here in the online business part.

But James teaches a whole module in Business by Design on how to scale your business with a team. Now...we’re a team of three for Lucrative Videos!! It's so awesome and so much fun to be able to work with a team and grow the business together. It is such an amazing experience! 


What does Business by Design include?

Right now you might be wondering, alrighty, this sounds great. I love what it does for you but what does Business by Design include?? Watch the video below to see what you get INSIDE the course! 


Watch the video!

What I wish Business by Design had

There are a couple of things that I wish it had. One is that I wish it had more automation processes meaning where you set up your sales process so it works automatically behind the scenes. Now he does have one type of process for a webinar, but the focus of the course is more on live launches.

However, for me, live launches don't really match the business that I want just because it doesn’t fit my lifestyle with two young kids. The good news is that I did figure out a great system for a video series and automating that sales process. 

One other thing, and I wouldn’t say this is a con for the course...but for me, sometimes it was a little hard to connect with James just because he’s pretty woo-woo. Meaning he’s into crystals and manifestations and works with a Sharma and stuff. Which for the record, I have NOTHING against at all. It was just a little hard for me to connect with as a Christian just because I’m not familiar with it and some of it doesn’t really match my beliefs. But I still listened to James. I was open minded and I would take some of that and kind of spin it in a way that matched my beliefs. I found it super helpful to do that. 

Why Business by Design?

Why am I telling you about Business by Design? I truly believe that as an online business owner your business and life will be transformed.


When does Business by Design open up?

Here are some important dates to remember:

FREE Live Training: The Rise of the Digital CEO — starts June 1, 2023. There will be 3 FREE Live Trainings in total and you can watch the replays until June 15. Sign up here for FREE!

You can enroll in Business by Design from June 12 to June 15, 2023. 

Screw this and actually make your life and biz better!

What bonuses do you get?

I am an affiliate for Business by Design because I truly believe that it will help you as an online business owner. And as an affiliate, I get to give you some awesome bonuses if you sign up and enroll in Business by Design through me! Here are 11 business building gifts! 

To learn more about the bonuses, you can visit my Bonus Page.


The reason why I’m giving you these bonuses if you enroll in Business by Design through me is because you need video to have an online business. These bonuses will help you create quality videos lessons quickly for your digital products, market your brand and products, and give you confidence on camera. It really is such a great match!

My students have tripled their customers and made thousands of more dollars in the first month just by adding one or two Lucrative Videos. They’ve been on the national news because of their quality videos and they’ve created their first online courses. And, you can do that, too!

I can't wait to see you inside!

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I’m Patricia Kelikani—video coach for entrepreneurs. I’m here to help you make more money while having more free time with the power of video.

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