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How to Avoid Glare on Glasses in Video

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Hi there! Wait, what was that? You can’t see my eyes? Well today I’m going to show you how to avoid glare on glasses in video so that way, your viewers can see your eyes and connect with you. 

Watch the video below to see my demonstrations!

Alrighty! Let’s dive in, how to avoid glare on glasses in video.  The key to getting rid of glare on glasses is to have your lights in the right location. And this means any light source so it could be your window with the sunlight coming in or it could be your ring light or soft boxes. 

diagram of light placement

So right now I want you to imagine a clock. You’re at the center of the clock and your camera is at 12 o’clock. In order to avoid glare on glasses in video, you need to place your light at 10 o’clock and/or 2 o’clock. Then after you have them in the right location you want to place your lights higher up and angled down at you.


Now I’m going to tell you how to do this using three types of lights. First, we’re gonna use a ring light, next soft boxes and after that window light.

And I’ll fully admit, my glasses are totally out of style. I’ve literally had these for 10 years, which means I can hardly see you right now. I haven’t changed these prescriptions in 10 years. Yet my eyes have gotten worse because I usually wear contacts, which means, you know, when I’m not wearing these, I can see you. But yeah, you can totally laugh at my out-of-style glasses. It’s okay. I can’t see you. lol 

1. Ring light 

Typically, when you use your ring light, you place your ring light right at 12 o’clock where the camera is at but this causes a huge distracting glare on your glasses.

ring light front
glare from ring light

In order to remove the glare, we need to move our ring light at the 10 o’ clock or 2 o’clock position but still leave our camera or phone at the12 o’clock position. So this means you need a separate tripod for your phone and phone adapter to attach your phone to the tripod.

Notice in the photo below how the ring light is now at the 10:00 position AND it's higher up and angled down.

ring light 10

Yay! Now the glare is gone and you can see my eyes clearly!

no glare from ring light

2. Softboxes

My favorite way to light myself on video is actually using soft boxes. (Here'a link to my favorite budget-friendly soft boxes!) Soft boxes are a really natural form of lighting and it is also super flattering on your face. If you want to learn more about how to light yourself with video, check out my video how to look better with lights. It’s a great video!

Typically, when using soft boxes you would place your soft box at either 11 o’clock or 1 o’clock but what happens is that you’ll usually get a glare in your glasses and it doesn’t look so good. 

glare in glasses with soft box light

So by placing your light at 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock you’ll avoid getting glare on your glasses!

no glare in glasses from soft box light

So, I do recommend having 2 different light sources on you. You can have window light at 3 o’clock and a soft box at 10 o’clock. (That's what my lighting setup looks like right now!) 

If you have the Soft Box Kit that has 2 lights you can also use both of those and place them at about 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock.  

3. Window light

If you’re only using a window light to light yourself then the window can’t be at 12 o’clock. It can’t be straight on in front of you because you’ll get glare on your glasses. So instead you’ll have to move yourself since you can’t move the window. LOL

So right now I positioned myself so that the window is between 2 and 3 o’clock. And that way, there isn’t a major reflection in my glasses. There might be a little bit depending on where I put my head and stuff but for the most part, you can see my eyes.


The problem though, is that on the other side of my face, it’s really dark on my face. So I highly recommend filling it in with an artificial light, meaning a softbox or a ring light, which is the way that I demonstrated earlier. 

Another tip when wearing glasses on video is that the more you move your head around, the more glare and reflection you are going to see on your glasses. But again you also want to be natural. So once in a while, if you see glare in your glasses, I think it’s okay! Be natural, be who you are. As long as the lights are in the right location and angle, then you’re good to go!

More resources!

There you go! How to avoid glare on glasses in video. If you want to learn how to film yourself on phone so you look amazing, then don’t forget to get my free training video and guide. You won’t want to miss this!

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I love what my students have been able to accomplish after taking this course. So many have been able to create their first online courses. They’ve been able to get on the national news because of their quality videos and some of them have even tripled the number of customers. It is so awesome! Can't wait to see you there!

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I’m Patricia Kelikani—video coach for entrepreneurs. I’m here to help you make more money while having more free time with the power of video.

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