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I’m Patricia Kelikani—video coach for entrepreneurs. I’m here to help you make more money while having more free time with the power of video.

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The Best Video to Make for your Business

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Personalized videos...they're the best video to make for your business in 2023 and beyond! (I know, I kinda sound like Buzz Light Year....) In this video, I'm gonna show you how to make my favorite personalized video, so that way you give your customers an amazing experience and you get an added bonus of a decreased refund rate. (Hooray!)


My favorite type of personalized video is the welcome video, so let's jump in how to make a personalized welcome video so that way you have super happy customers.


In this case, it's a personal message that you send to your new customer that welcomes them into your new program, or just simply as a new customer.


So it's a one to one video. You're literally greeting them by their first name and making them a personalized video. It's one of the most special types of videos you can ever send to your customer because it's telling them like, holy cow, she just spent this time to send this personal video to me.

And what's cool is that when they're used to seeing you on video already, it makes it even that much more special since this is video just for them.


Before we move on, let's talk about why these types of videos are important for your business and why it's the best video to make for your business.

So imagine with me... you're throwing a party and when your friend rings your doorbell, you answer the door and you greet them by their name. Maybe you give them a hug and then you show them around. You tell them where the appetizers are, where the drinks are, where they could put their handbag. And you welcome them into your home, right? So that's essentially what you're doing with a personalized welcome video.

And the other great reason is that you're cutting through the noise. You're standing out because 99.9% of all videos are not personalized videos. And yes, I totally just made that statistic up. But I bet I'm right because how many personalized videos have you gotten? If you're one of my customers, you definitely have gotten at least one. 🙂

Again, this is such a unique way to give your customers an amazing experience. added bonus to all of this is that you actually decrease your refund rate.

Here's a little story...

Back in first grade, yes, when I was like six or seven years old, my twin sister and I had a crush on this boy. (Which by the way, that's like danger zone for twins—when you have a crush on the same boy!) So, one day we're lining up to enter our classroom in the morning.


I see Ricky walk up to me. (That's his name.) And he had this big red lollipop that said "I love you" on it. And he gave it to ME! And I was like, "Whoa!" I mean, I didn't say this. I think I like played it cool, or something like as cool as a six year old could be. lol

But inside I was thinking, "Oh my goodness... Ricky has a crush on me, too! Aaaah!" I was beaming and sat down at my desk with pride. (But I have to admit, a part of me felt bad that my sister didn't get one. It's a twin still feel bad.)

Anyways, so I'm just so happy. Then I hear Ricky whisper my name from across the classroom, and I was like, "Oh my word, the boy who I have a crush on is whispering my name!"

So, I look over and then he continues to whisper, "I meant to give it to your sister! Give it to your sister!"

Heart deflated...

Yeah... I went from feeling like I was on top of the world to literally being crushed all in one second. six-year-old self didn't give it to my sister.

Like what? I look back now and I think why didn't I give it to my sister? But you know what? Maybe it's because I thought if I don't give it to my sister, he'll give her one tomorrow and then we each get one.

And you know what? That's exactly what happened! The next day, he gave one to my twin sister, (which apparently was the right person he had a crush on), and we both won, we each got a lollipop. Hehe...


The joys of being twins. But, the moral of the story is that when you make these types of videos, you won't have little Ricky's asking for their money back. lol At least, rarely. 


Honestly, the sooner the better. Because at that moment, you're top of mind. They're thinking of you. And so when they check their email and they see that notification that you sent them a personalized video, that just makes it even more special. So as soon as you can is the best.

And I'll be honest, sometimes it takes a bit for me to get to it. Ugh! But do it as soon as you can.


Short answer: wherever you're at. That's actually where I get the best feedback. Like when I'm at the pool with my boys, picking them up from school, or even camping with my family...people love the behind-the-scenes look into your life.



The first thing you wanna do is greet them by their first name and then welcome them into your program or as a new customer.

And then also share any useful info or announcements that'll be helpful for them to know as well as how this program or product will be beneficial to them. And then end it by simply letting them know how they can reach out to you if they have any questions.


My favorite app

My favorite app, by far, when it comes to making these videos is Bonjoro. Bonjoro automatically puts their name and email in the app so all you have to do is push that record button. Then you just click send when you're done, and it automatically will send it to them with a message and the video. Plus, I have a button below the video that takes them to the course login page.

So it's super-efficient for me and for them. They're able to log into the course right then and there, too. Another great feature is that they can comment and send you a message. So a lot of times my new customers will just tell me like, "OMG, thank you so much for your video! That was so cool!" Or even if they have a question, they can ask me a question, right then and there. So it's so great!


Wanna know another great thing!? With Bonjoro you can send up to 50 videos a month for FREE. To start recording your personalized videos, go ahead and click this link.

There you go! Personalized videos so that way you can have super happy customers!

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I’m Patricia Kelikani—video coach for entrepreneurs. I’m here to help you make more money while having more free time with the power of video.

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